Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Haven't forgotten

I promise I haven't forgotten about everyone. Things are going great with Gillian. She is fighting a small cold right now, but other than that things are going swimmingly. Michelle started back to school last Monday so we're all trying to figure out how exactly to handle early mornings and early nights.

Gillian (at her last Dr.'s visit) weighed 11 lbs. 4 oz. and measured 22". She is growing like crazy!

I will post more stuff later, but wanted to let everyone know that I have not abandoned this blog by all means!!

Friday, September 7, 2007

All smiles

Last night before we put Gillian down, she decided to give us a little smile show...don't mind Michelle's finger in the bottom corner, she just wanted to add her own little touch.

And if you're reading this and looking for updates, make sure that you read on down for a while, this is the 5th post that I've put up today. Enjoy!

Gillian rolled over!!

Before we get to the big news of the post, I thought I would recap last weekend. We left KC on Friday and got to Nana and Pops' house a while later. The next day, Gillian got to swim for the very first time in her brand new Dora swimsuit! Look for those pictures in the slideshow below...

That night, we took Gillian to Mom's grave site for the first time so she could officially meet her Grandma Janet. It was a pretty special moment for me. I know she's in heaven smiling down on us, but it made fatherhood seem so much more real to me, and it meant everything for us to be able to take her out there.

On the way to Tulsa Saturday night, we drove through Coffeyville, KS. Even though it was dark, we could tell that the entire north side of town had been ravaged by the flood. There were no streetlights, and oil and water marks on everything that were sometimes 8-10 feet off of the ground. Unbelievable.

We had a very fun visit with Ma and Pa and we were also able to see Aunt Catherine's dorm room at the University of Tulsa. Very cool...we can't believe she's in college already!

On Tuesday, as I was working on getting things together, Michelle decided to put Gillian down on her belly for a little tummy time. After about 10 minutes of lying there and getting more frustrated by the minute, Gillian rolled over! Michelle did manage to get before and after shots.

After...(she looks so accomplished...)


We took over 250 pictures over the course of the last 2 weeks and these were the best ones that we could find. Maybe someday I'll get them all cataloged and posted somewhere, but for now, this is gonna have to do. You can find the web album here.

Here is the slideshow...

Gillian, her Bumbo, and Einstein

One night Michelle and I thought we would try out the bumbo/baby einstein combination. It worked for a little while...here's a video of her first Einstein experience.

1 of many posts of today

We've had a lot going on, and I wrote about it in my last post, but I finally have pictures and videos to prove it!! I'm going to do several different posts and put them in the order that they occurred...

First is a video from when I went to Wisconsin and Michelle stayed home with Gillian. I hadn't seen this one until last night, so it was a surprise for me too...