Monday, February 16, 2009

Big "Bah" Theory

Big Bang Theory is one of our favorite shows (it airs on Mondays at 7:00 on CBS), and so we thought we would check it out tonight(it was a rerun, bummer -- yes, I know I can set my DVR to record first run only, but I like it this way). Anyway, we push play on the show and for those that don't know, the theme music is rather catchy. Gillian apparently thought so too.....the evidence:

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Time is drawing near

We went to the 37 week appointment on Monday morning of this week, and at this point the baby is considered term. Everything still looks and seems to be normal, the only difference is that if Michelle were to go into labor now, Dr. Sarah wouldn't stop it from happening. eek. I'm not sure if it's defiance or me being stubborn, but I've been a little more lax about this baby. That's not to say that I am less excited, but definitely not as tense with everything as I was with Gillian. It's hard for me to speak for Michelle, but for the most part, she has been about the same with her approach--which is to say she is prepared for everything. Of course (here's a news flash) - she's the one carrying the baby, so it's pretty expected that she is infinitely more ready mentally than I.

Some Gillian updates: her new favorite thing is taking her baby dolls for a walk. She saunters around the living room with them and then gives us a firm and persistent (she won't stop saying it until we reciprocate) "bye-bye", then heads off for a trip around the island in the kitchen. Seconds later she's back to do it all over again. Rinse and repeat. Last night we also witnessed her playing Mommy to her babies as she was preparing them to eat by putting bibs on them. She also was seen sharing her beloved blankie with Laurie (her cabbage patch kid). I think one of my favorite things she is doing now is when she "talks" to her baby; the tone of her voice, the inflection, and her conversational skills are all hysterical. We can't make out of a word of what she is saying, but we're pretty sure her babies all speak baby-ese, so as long as they understand her, we have nothing to worry about :)

Gillian and Mommy in mid-January

Gillian and Daddy having a little fun with the mixers from butter pound cake