Monday, June 23, 2008

Deck progress

In addition to Michelle's birthday, this weekend we starting working on the deck. Saturday morning, Nana and Pops came up to help out. They were able to stay through Sunday evening, so I had Pops' help throughout most of the weekend.

On Saturday we set another couple posts in the ground and deconstructed the existing deck. We also attached the anchor board to the house. Sunday we made some real progress and were able to get several floor joists in. I took some before and after pictures. Here they are....

I keep forgetting, but I'll try to get pictures of our completed fence project too. We were able to get that done so the dogs can be outside most of the time. So far it's worked out perfectly.

Before (Saturday morning)...(hey Dad)
Mid-project...(last night)

Happy Birthday Michelle!

Michelle's birthday was Saturday, so we were able to get together with some friends and celebrate Michelle's milestone birthday that actually occurred last year. Since she was pregnant last year on her birthday we postponed the celebration until this year.

We all made it out to Matsu (sushi bar in Westport), where we all got to try new things :). Michelle tried sashimi for the first time. She was a trooper and knocked it out pretty easily, though I'm not too sure she'll ever eat it again. She also tried onagi (eel). Interesting....

After that, we headed to Ernie Biggs, which is a dueling piano bar in Westport. It was a great time. The highlight of the night for me was when the pianist played some song from the Little Mermaid and Michelle belted out every last lyric (spot on, I might add), complete with hand motions. Simply phenomenal. A quick search of google tells me that the song I'm referencing is called Part of your World.

Us at the sushi bar...

Michelle and the sashimi....

Kool and the Gang reprise

I know I promised a dancing video of Gillian, so I have delivered. It was not the original that I had in mind but this one was made last night after she got out of her pool. Mommy was working in the yard and Daddy working on the deck when we caught her having her own personal dance party on the blanket. If you watch closely you can see her pick up her stuffed puppy dog and hug him midway through. Watch out Ginger Rogers.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

In case you missed it...

I haven't given an update on Gillian lately and what she is up to that's what today is going to be about. She is not walking yet, though we think she is very close. She will walk all over the place as long as we're there to steady her :). Her vocabulary is growing as well. She now (somewhat distinctly) says puppy and baby, in addition to her now famous "hi there" and "buh-bye". Occasionally when she is upset, she'll throw in a Mama or Dada, but usually only then.

Since the Enos family visited, we've also had Catherine (Michelle's youngest sister) visit for a week and then Michelle's parents came to visit with Gillian over last weekend. Also last weekend, Gillian and Mommy helped me to celebrate my first Father's Day. It was releaxing as we mainly hung out around the house. I got a brand new grill for the new deck that we are planning on building...I can't wait to use it! This weekend brings Michelle's 1st anniversary of birthday number 30, so we're having a small get-together with friends on Saturday night. Happy birthday Michelle!

I have some video of Gillian and her new sweet dance moves that I will get uploaded as soon as I can find the cord to the video camera. Until next time....buh-bye.